Wigston sports clinic set to enhance injury management and treatment with new Therapeutic Spa

Wigston-based Function Jigsaw sports clinic has been providing physical therapy across a range of disciplines since its launch by former Leicester Tigers Head of Medical Services, Julie Hayton. Now the new clinic, which was officially opened by former England rugby captain Martin Johnson, has taken a step further in becoming the regions number 1 physical therapy clinic with the installation of a state-of-the-art Therapeutic Spa. Julie explains, "injuries can be so difficult to cope with for sports people and fitness enthusiasts alike. They want to get back out onto the pitch, track, or court as quickly as possible but it is sometimes a very difficult path to tread without help and guidance through the recovery process to return to play. Function Jigsaw constantly strive to accurately diagnose injuries and our team of practitioners and partners work closely together to implement structured recovery plans encompassing best medical and rehabilitation practise.” “The technology utilised by the newly installed Biosysco spa, facilitates ultrasound electrotherapy utilising water as a medium to increase the effectiveness of pain relief in both acute (new) and chronic (old) injuries. We have seen excellent results utilising the technology it has without doubt enhanced our clinical practise and rehabilitation programs." The CEO of Biosysco Roberto Ciaff, the inventor of the technology in the spa, explains how it works: "The beneficial frequency (or wave form) is transmitted bound within an ultra-sound 'carrier wave' which, now uniquely, allows safe transmission through water and allows a more natural and efficient acceptance even by deep seated living tissue without the discomfort normally associated with such therapies". He speaks of his main reasons for choosing Julie and Function Jigsaw as a partner: “The owner has an unparalleled reputation in the sports injury and rehabilitation field and she has extensive hands on experience of the device in a real world professional sports club environment. She is also a leading proponent of the "whole transmission system" concept of delivering power from muscle to impact point, always maximising an athlete’s potential and resilience in any sport.” Even though the clinic has treated a number of high-profile sporting individuals, including Leicester Tigers players and the GB Olympic Ski Team, they are equally committed to aiding amateur sportspeople. Function Jigsaw’s team also realises that whilst injuries can affect anyone, the actual injury and the outcome of treatment varies from person to person. This is why each client the clinic treats is assessed individually and receives the best possible solution for their injury. David Ward is a keen cyclist and has seen impressive results with the spa: “The first time in the aqua neuro bath I could feel everything through my left leg but nothing through my right. Going back at least once a week, the feeling in my right leg has gotten better each time and is now probably at around 95% of my left leg.” David has also seen a noticeable change in his cycling and muscle development: “On the bike I can feel that I can put the power down better, my left/right pedal balance is back to 50/50, and my right quads are almost the same size as on the left. I’ve always been very quad dominant and the bath is helping develop my hamstrings and glutes as well. Can’t recommend it enough and there is nothing to be afraid of. 20 minutes each session is all it takes.” Each of the Function Jigsaw team has a background in sport, and brings together a wealth of experience and practice and with a new walk-in clinic that’s just recently opened in Loughborough, it promises to be an exciting year for Function Jigsaw. To find out more about how Function Jigsaw helps with sports injury management, visit their website: www.functionjigsaw.co.uk.