Kiran Rai Heading to NEC

Taking the world by storm and making headlines around the world, super model and award winning actor Kiran Rai has become the next generation of star, breaking down all barriers that most clients don't normally tackle. He has launched a magazine called Kings and Queens and made headline news on 12 February 2016 across every state in the USA; in all global papers including the Miami Herald and Los Angeles Daily News; and is about to explode into the Birmingham NEC launching the new US Duke Clothing brand "Future Cut Clothes". This will be a 3 day event. Kiran Rai said "I am so honoured to be a boy who has so much to live for, it's amazing what I can do in the world to show my talent and have people around me enjoy my company". He is the first British Asian to represent the new clothing brand. He is on the look out for students across Leicester to find the next new talent and also writers that will enjoy the journey and come on board with the Kings and Queens magazine family.

Duke Clothing said "It's an honour to work beside Kiran; our brand was new and he's made it into his own. He's such a good role model."