How to Design a Great Fat Loss Plan

What are the priorities when designing a fat loss plan? How should it be structured to ensure that you get the most out of it? I am asked this question a lot, and in its essence each fat loss plan should be able to answer the following 3 questions, in ascending order of importance. 3. Is it an efficient use of time?

Undeniably this point matters, there is no point in starting a plan that will cost your 40 hours per week for very little progress, and this in usually the point that a lot of fitness marketers will aim for first and foremost. We’ve all seen the type of ads, which promise that with only 6 minutes of work a day you can blast your abs. It sounds like an appealing prospect, but there are a couple of more important things to consider before buying into the plan. 2. Does it work?

More important than how efficient a programme is, is the question of its efficacy. The above programme may well blast your abs in 6 minutes, whatever that means, but does it actually deliver the intended consequences? Will you get a flat stomach and a healthy fit body by using this machine for 6 minutes? I would argue no, I’m sure some who are very close to their target could benefit from it, but for most this is not an effective programme for them to follow. 1. Will you actually stick to it? Most importantly; are you actually going to do it? I could present you with a training programme and nutrition plan which would effectively to get you from A to B in the shortest amount of time, but are you really going to push yourself through a 6 month regime of punishing workouts, sore muscles and a totally uncompromising food plan? Would you really give up your job, your hobbies and your social life to become a full time athlete? It’s all good and well, being given the best plan, but if you can’t stick to it for whatever reason then it is not the best plan FOR YOU. So when you’re selecting a plan to help you shift a few pounds, make sure to focus on these three things in order. 1. Will you actually do it long term? 2. Will it continue to be effective? 3. Is it the most time/cost efficient way of doing it?