Steamin’ Billy at Leicester Racecourse

And they’re off! In keeping with the recent Cheltenham festival, Steamin’ Billy have taken over a brand new pub at Leicester Racecourse! Get your blinkers on and head straight for the bar! The Winning Post has been out of use for the last few years, but Steamin’ Billy can’t let a great pub location go to waste. On Friday March 11th we reopened The Winning Post after some serious refurbishment as the newest member of the Steamin’ Billy family. The Winning Post will be open on race days for your drinking pleasure – come and find us in the Premier Stand and grab a pint of craft to settle your nerves before a race. The next day at Leicester Racecourse is April 8th and the start of the flat season, so you’ve got plenty of time to grab your tweed and flat cap, get a ticket and come and see Billy at the races! ( We wanted The Winning Post to keep the aesthetic of the racecourse, so we utilised lots of racing paraphernalia to create a quirky, equestrian themed bar area. The stools are made from old saddles - you can’t get much more horsey than that! We also used old wine cases to give the bar decoration a vintage, authentic, lived-in feeling. That way you can get comfortable, get focused and pick a winner in every race. So, next time you’re at the races, come and say “hello”. We’ve got Steamin’ Billy Bitter on tap, a selection of fine wines, spirits (all your favourites), soft drinks for the kids, teetotallers and drivers and, of course, champers for the successful betters! If you want to know a bit more about The Winning Post, keep a beady eye on the Steamin’ Billy Facebook page ( Remember to gamble and drink responsibly everybody.