Fore! Steamin’ Billy in the ruff for 2016!

Thursday 21st April was the annual Steamin’ Billy Golf Day! It was fantastic and we all hit par for the course or better. Every one of us. Honest.

So, once again, the Steamin’ Billy family gathered it’s various factions together and forced them to play golf against each other to raise money for the fantastic Matt Hampson Foundation. Needless to say, it was a fantastic, obviously sober day with some quality golfing action and some reasonable company. Who needs The Masters?

18 teams entered altogether with the lads from The Dog and Gun finishing top. Teams ranged from Steamin’ Billy landlords to our various business collaborators, like Charnwood Brewery and Heineken, and of course our fantastic customers. All in all 72 golfers polished their clubs for the day at Leicestershire Golf Club – Augusta was booked up apparently.

A couple of celebs got involved as well in ex-Rugby players Louis Deacon and Freddie Tuilagi. Matt Hampson himself joined us afterwards for the celebratory lunch. We managed to raise an outstanding £2000 for Matt’s foundation, which was a massive, worthwhile achievement. Plus the weather held – so the day was a relative miracle as well!

We finished the day’s activities with a sit down meal in the Cow and Plough – our flagship pub in Stoughton, Leicestershire, known for its great sporting atmosphere – the ideal end to a great sporting day!

We’re incredibly proud of our work with the Hambo Foundation so far this year. We’ll be cycling round all of our pubs in July and biking to Amsterdam in August – so make sure you get involved in that whether you were on the golf day or not!

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