Primo IT at home in Shepshed

IT specialists Primo IT are set to expand their Shepshed base. The firm already has an IT store in the town, but is looking to build on this by moving their head offices from Ibstock to be closer to the store.

The move took place in April and is hoped to make it easier for Primo IT to meet the logistical demands of their customers.

Primo IT Managing Director Mick Sloan says: “Shepshed is where we started. The right premises became available when we were looking back in November/December which is when we put plans in place to move back here. We put in a lot of work for the new offices, as the building was a blank shell when we started. I think both being located in the same town, logistically, will be easier for us and we can sort anything in a short space of time. We also have plans moving forward to speak to local businesses along the same lines to the shop local for the consumer to see if we can offer a good way of them buying locally, distributing out so they can get deliveries the next day.”

In addition to moving back to Shepshed, Mick is also hoping to enhance the local business community. To coincide with Primo IT’s office move, Mick is to launch the Shepshed Shop Local Campaign in order to encourage businesses in the area to use each other’s products and services.

Mick hopes that this campaign will create a thriving business community within Shepshed, made up of a variety of businesses each supporting each other and helping the area as a whole to grow.

Mick explains, “The Shepshed Local Campaign is an idea I’ve been looking at for a long time and it’s a great idea which we can now start rolling out to the business community. We really want to encourage local businesses to buy locally and support one another because then we can all grow and benefit from a tight network. It’ll also be really beneficial for the local Shepshed economy too, especially if we all work together.”

It is set to be an exciting time for Shepshed with Primo IT expanding its presence in the town and with the Shop Local Campaign soon to be underway. By moving back to the town and investing in its community, Primo IT appears set to be a key player in the Shepshed business network.