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Obesity is still a growing problem and it isn’t going away by raising taxes on sugary drinks.

Having experienced the battle against obesity first hand, I know the emotional and physical strain it can have on a person’s life.

As Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) Consultants of thirty years, my husband Bryan and I help men and women locally on a weekly basis to work towards achieving a healthy weight.

My determination to lose the weight I put on after making a positive life change to quit smoking has driven me to help others. I have since helped hundreds of people to lose weight and keep it off as well as managing my own team of fellow Cambridge consultants.

The National Heart Forum found over 41% of men and 36% of women were obese in England in 2010. With CWP, myself and Bryan provide nutritionally balanced flexible weight loss programmes to meet the needs of any client.

With our methods, one-to-one support and range of flexible programmes, you can reach your weight loss goals and still have that zing in your life and spring in your step thanks to CWPs delicious meals and snacks. Once you find yourself happy in your skin, we make sure you maintain that look and remain healthy and active!

We know the fight isn’t easy so to make it as stress free as possible we provide consultations at a location of your choice and will be the force of motivation that you need to change your life!

Wigston based consultants, Eileen and Bryan Larder

07784 333 851

0116 288 9449

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