At least 5 a day!

Getting those all-important five a day

The NHS tells us we need to get a good supply of fruit and veg to live a healthy life. They give us vitamins and minerals; they’re a good source of fibre and can help to prevent bowel cancer as well as reducing our risk of developing heart disease and stroke.

It sounds quite simple getting your five a day but don’t feel guilty because it is harder than it sounds. That’s why I’ve put together some hints and tips for you.

What counts?

You are getting part of your five a day if you consume it: Frozen From a tin In dried/crisp form In a ready meal Soups and sauces As a smoothie As a fruit juice Unfortunately potatoes don’t count I’m afraid.

When to get the most out of it?

Any of the above should be eaten at meal times and not as a snack so as to reduce impact on teeth!

Overall it’s best to get your five a day in at breakfast, lunch and dinner. DON’T cram them in all in at once as our bodies simply cannot soak up all of their goodness in one go so you will be wasting your time and money! You also need to make sure you are getting roughly a handful size of each to make it worth while.

Here’s an example of how you can fit them in: Breakfast: Add grilled mushrooms or tomatoes to scrambled egg or add fruit to your cereal. Lunch: add lettuce or tomatoes to your sandwich or add grated carrot to your pasta sauce. Dinner: have a side dish of fruit or veg with or sprinkle in some sweet corn to your pasta bake.

So actually when you think about it, you may have had almost all of your five a day already!

Eileen Larder, Independent Weight Plan Consultant 07784 333 851 0116 288 9449