Food glorious food at Rolleston School!

Farmer & Carlisle Toyota supports Rolleston School with £1,700 donation from the Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow.

Here at Farmer and Carlisle Toyota we have teamed up with Rolleston School (Hillsborough Road, Leicester, LE2 9PT) to help shape the health and wellbeing of pupils and their families.

Rolleston introduced a new cooking club ‘big cook little cook’ where the classes are held after school with pupils and parents. Each week children and their parents are taught to cook healthy meals that they can easily replicate at home. The club gives teachers an opportunity to introduce different food groups and discuss the importance of eating well and the health benefits. Pupils are encouraged to try new foods, tastes and textures, whilst also discussing what they are, where they are from, how they’re prepared and cooked. At the end of the class each family takes away their own class made meal to share at home.

Initially Rolleston had the funds to organise 6 – 12 weeks of classes. After the first 6 weeks the school received positive feedback from both parents, pupils and teachers. Rolleston wanted more families to benefit from this positive and impactful project therefore they wanted to continue the project for a longer period. Lisa Hunt a mum from the school approached her employers Farmer & Carlisle Toyota and introduced ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ to see if Farmer & Carlisle would be able to support the project in any way.

Jonathan Carlisle said: “As a father of 3 I know the difficulties that come with encouraging young families to eat healthily. Therefore I was delighted to hear about ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ and straight away I wanted us to be involved. We (Farmer & Carlisle Toyota) donated £1,700 to the school so that they could continue the project for the rest of the academic year. With this money more children and parents will have access to the project and as a result this will bring about positive changes in the local community.”

Mr Toon, Head Master said: “The Big Cook – Little Cook project has been a brilliant opportunity for staff to work with our families to collaboratively learn about healthy eating in both a fun and educational environment. The children have worked really hard preparing the meals have enjoyed the experience of tasting new foods.”

£1700 Cheque Presentation. Attending a cooking class: