Staying young in old age

As life goes on you will start to experience a series of life changes. Whether it’s the amount of invading grey hairs, the aches and pains or the heart-breaking loss of loved ones, we experience some major life changes as we age.

It’s important to keep our minds and bodies active and ready to take on the challenges that life over 50 throws at us. It’s easy enough to do this in everyday life; the opportunities are right there in front of us!

  • Play with the grandkids

  • Take a dog for a walk – doesn’t have to be yours! Volunteer for a friend of neighbour

  • Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks so have a go for yourself!

  • Learn how to play an instrument, a new language or video game

  • Travel to a place you’ve never visited

  • Reconnect with nature – enjoy a camping trip or a hike

  • Arts and culture will keep you stimulated so see a play, go to the cinema or visit a craft market

  • Join a class at the gym

Staying active in your older age will improve your mobility, keep your weight under control, increase your strength, enhance your sleep, and help prevent disease. It will also keep you emotionally stable as you will be able to remain independent, you’ll be more able to go out and do the things you want, and be able to take part in family activates. Here are a few things for you to focus on.

Social Life - Having an array of people around you can make all the difference to your health and fitness. Friends and family are your support network so keep them close. Spend time with people you enjoy being around and lift your positivity levels but also stay open to making new friends; connections with new people can make you see life from a different perspective. It’s a good idea to spend time, any amount of time, with at least one person every day, you’ll find it easier to stay positive and want to get out and about more. You can do other things to help you stay social like volunteering at a local event, charitable cause or take part in a day trips and other community goings on.

Exercising – Ease yourself into an exercise routine. Anything is better than nothing but it is important to consult your doctor before you put on any exercise DVD’s that have you doing the splits across the living room floor. As older adults we are more prone to various illnesses and things may not work like they used to so gentle exercise is essential in combatting those things that can go wrong. With the right help, our bodies can ward off illnesses or even repair our own bodies. To make exercise more enjoyable find an activity you actually like; it can be swimming, dancing, walking, or yoga among so many others. Get a friend involved too, this way you’ll have a laugh and get those tummy muscles working too!

Diet – Your digestive system will start to slow down so make sure you get heaps of fibre (see how to get fibre in my previous Niche blog post). As you get older you’re also more prone to dehydration so get plenty of fluids even if you’re not thirsty. Hydration will keep your mind clear and sharp. Make it your mission to eat with others, it’s much more enjoyable and a very easy way to stay in touch with old friends.