Emma Brown has Fringe Benefits

Looking for a fresh new hair colour for Spring? Check out FRINGE.BENEFITS to try on your next colour. This exceptional tool features premium fringes in the most sought-after shades, allowing you to discover your most flattering shade this season!

Designed by a hairstylist for a hairstylist, COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY’s new visual consultation tool simplifies the colour consultation process and bridges the communication gap between colourists and clients. Each hand-constructed fringe is made from a blend of human and synthetic hair, delivering a natural, multi-tonal result designed to blend seamlessly with your client’s own hair. Each piece is equipped with a pressure-sensitive clip that gently secures to the hair without damaging it.

“We’ve elevated and simplified the client consultation process with FRINGE.BENEFITS. The fringes take the guesswork out of colour and allow colourists to give clients a personalised preview,” states Murphy.

This ultimate colour consultation tool provides a visual reference for both clients and colourists to see, versus speak, their desired colour. This ensures that there are no miscommunication errors when interpreting exactly what your client wants. By eliminating any misunderstandings up-front, FRINGE.BENEFITS enables the colourist to deliver colour that aligns with their client’s expectations, and ultimately offers the most flattering outcome.

FRINGE.BENEFITS allows for high-impact colour consultations and makes it easy for colourists to think outside the box to create personalised colour formulas with limitless intermixability. These premium fringes capture a variety of depths and reflects in warm, cool and natural tones to offer a representation of various colour categories, making it easier for the colourist to personalise colour formulas for their clients.

By providing a platform to showcase the colourist’s artistic vision, these fringes establish credibility and trust, creating more freedom for the colourist and greater assurance for clients. By allowing the colourist and client to preview the colour before they commit, this tool ensures ultimate confidence in the colour selection process and allows for perfect colour matching with the client’s natural features and skin tone.