'Shh!' bring music magic to the city

It arrived, the date Leicester’s indie music fans were waiting for was here and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The first of many secret gigs planned by Luke and Jimmy at various locations across the city was brought to us by the music loving duo who started the venture to bring gig goers high quality acts that would remain a secret until they took to the stage.

The first gig, held at Brewdog, Leicester was to a packed out crowd, an audience full of excitement gathered to see what was to unfold. First up was Bellevue Days hailing from Croydon who took to the intimate stage brandishing their guitars ready to impress the unsuspecting crowd. With their catchy, ballsy grunge and indie rock fusion they were a fittingly roaring start to the night’s musical feast. Saltwater Sun were up next with lead singer Jennifer Stearne bringing a glimmer of golden glam to proceedings. Her vocals adding a cool poppy feel to the lifting and at times perfectly broody indie pop vibe of their set. Bringing out the Jamie Vardy masks at the end was a nice, humourous touch too and showed the band’s enthusiasm for their Leicester début.

By headline act time we were buzzing and the crowd was alive with anticipation, as they started setting up on stage a few flickers of recognition amongst the keen audience could be heard and as they took to the mike we could gladly hear a Canadian accent and as many an indie music fan will tell you if it’s indie folk from Canada it’s going to be good, don’t ask why, it’s just how it is. Folly and the Hunter have recently earnt huge acclaim and are very much considered a ‘hot ticket’ act so to see them on stage right here in Leicester was a real treat. Their infectious, moody brand of sweeping, sophisticated indie folk meant we got a stunning set of tracks which felt like we were witnessing the start of something very special indeed.

Luke and Jimmy are even more passionate post gig about their 'Shh!' music goals and told us, “The feedback from people has been really positive from the crowd and the bands. For all three of our bands our gig was their first in the city and they all commented on what a great crowd Leicester was and that it’s often overlooked on the gig circuit. All of this just makes us even more determined to bring more great acts to the city! Watch this space.”

The first of many gigs in the pipeline from the ‘Shh!' crew, the secret gigs are breathing new life into our music scene. The next gig is planned for December so keep your ear to the ground with the latest news, play-lists and gig info from the ‘Shh!' lads at Instagram: Shh!_music Twitter: Shh_musicgigs