Link building myths for businesses

Getting your business to appear higher on Google search results (which is what we almost always mean when we say “search engine optimisation” or “SEO”) is a complex task. Link building is an essential element which has been a major part of SEO since the early days, although it’s constantly changing just like every aspect of online marketing.

To explain further, let’s quickly bust a few myths and misconceptions. Any of these could explain why your business website isn’t performing as well as you’d like it to.

1. Getting to the top of Google is easy. Sadly not! Some people got lucky in the early days, and back when we started out in 2000, things were much simpler. Since then, competition has skyrocketed, but there’s still only one place up for grabs at the top of any Google search page.

2. Having more links is better. Not necessarily. A link to your website from a highly respected and authoritative site within your field is like a flashing sign telling Google to rank your site higher. This can be worth a lot more than dozens or even hundreds of poor quality links from irrelevant or untrustworthy sites.

3. SEO is just link building. Not quite. Although links are critical, most experts agree they account for about one third of what Google factors in. There’s a lot more to consider, and it’s increasingly important to get every aspect of your website optimised for success.

4. Links are just for Google’s benefit. Actually, you could gain a lot more than just higher positions! Reaching out to key influencers to request a link for your website could be the start of a great partnership. If their site has a lot of visitors, you might experience a boost in traffic to yours, too.

Ultimately, building links has the potential to massively strengthen your brand and your online presence, which is why we make it a priority for our clients. If you would like to to get in touch to see how we can help you call today or drop us a line so we can arrange a coffee and chat 0333 332 6396

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