Riide – making getting from A to B that much easier

Established, trusted Leicester Taxi Firm launch innovative driver service and make getting around much more of a sophisticated service for users and drivers alike Reliable, long-standing taxi firm ADT taxis of Leicester and surrounding areas have been the go to firm for many of us over the years and now with the launch of their new riide app the whole process just got even better for rider and driver. The convenient, easy to use app is free to download and is set to make waves in the way we travel in and around the city and across the UK.

So, aside from how easy the app is to get, how will it make things better for you, the rider? ∙ Competitively priced fares ∙ Convenience from the word go - No need to call an office, wait in a line, or wave from a curb. ∙ Convenience at your destination - your payment is charged to the card attached to the app with a receipt sent to you by email. ∙ Improved Service

What about if you are a driver, why is riide good for you? ∙ Ultimate flexibility – You can work as much or as little as you want. ∙ Earn as little or as much as you like – Because you choose when you work ∙ Independent working—Although there is support from the riide team you have the freedom to do as you please when it comes to hours and methods of working whilst adhering to the companies ethos. ∙ Guidance—With the riide app you can get route guidance and full tracking ∙ No fuss working payments—you get charged a flat commission rate So, basically, riide is great for both parties, rider and driver get excellent results from the riide app which is set to change the way we riide and drive in the city and beyond. Travel the right way, travel the riide way.