LOROS light up a life

Event: Remember that special someone at this year’s LOROS Light Up A Life

A woman whose husband died last year has told how she will be remembering him by attending this year’s Light up a Life service at LOROS.

Margaret Hancox will be among those sponsoring a light on the Hospice’s giant Christmas tree this festive season in memory of her husband, Melvyn.

“I always said that Mel was the light of my life, so coming to Light up a Life at LOROS was very apt,” said 59-year-old Margaret, of Earl Shilton.

Grandfather Melvyn was diagnosed with Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) in August 2012. MSA affects both the nervous system and movement and although there is no treatment for it, Margaret says LOROS helped him enjoy what life he had left.

Towards the end of his life, Mel spent a lot of time at LOROS, both as an outpatient and through using the day therapy service. He died at the Hospice at the age of 59, last October.

Just months after Mel died, his family chose to remember him at last year’s the Hospice’s annual

Light up a Life event and they will be doing the same this December.

“It was such a lovely way for the family to get together and remember the better times,” said Margaret.

“It also gave us a chance for us to say thank you to LOROS for all of their help and support during Mel’s illness, as well as when he died.

“I cannot thank everyone at LOROS enough for the loving care they gave Melvyn and myself.

“My family and I will continue supporting LOROS through events like Light up a Life for many years to come.”

Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend the Light up a Life service at LOROS, whether they have experience the Hospice or not.

LOROS Fundraising Co-ordinator Laura Fitzsawyer said: “We know just how hard Christmas can be when there’s somebody missing and that’s why we are so proud to be able to put on this event every year.

“The beauty of our Light up a Life is that it’s an invitation to everyone of all ages to come and remember that special someone at what can be such a difficult time of the year.

“Whether people have experienced our services or not, this is a chance for everyone to watch as our giant Christmas tree lights up in memory of so many special people.”

As well as a light being lit up in their memory, the name of that person will be added to our Book of Remembrance, which will be placed in the LOROS chapel for visitors to view over the festive period.

This year’s event takes place on Sunday 4th December at 4.30pm in the Hospice grounds.

To sponsor a light, or for more information on the event visit loros.co.uk/LUAL or call (0116) 231 8431