Is your gut dreading Christmas?

Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS]? One in five people in in the UK do, and for those people the festive season can fill them with gastric dread.

As those around you gear up to eat drink and be merry are you worried about pain, bloating and where the nearest toilet is? The festive period brings with it rich food, alcohol in abundance and escalating pressures – three of the things that all IBS sufferers know can trigger a flare up.

But did you know?

For a long time doctors have been accused of dismissing IBS as a purely psychosomatic condition. Antispasmodic and anti depressant medication can be prescribed, patients report a reluctance to taking medication. Exploration of possible food intolerances and a diet of increased fibre can have a positive effect. Emerging research suggests probiotics and mindfulness meditation may have a place in the treatment of IBS

Now the National Institute for Clinical Excellence [NICE] supports the use of Hypnotherapy in assisting people with medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome either as first line treatment or in people whose symptoms have been resistant to other treatments.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

This therapy uses suggestions, metaphors and symptom alternation to directly target the patient’s symptoms and the factors which assist the symptoms to remain. None of these can guarantee a cure but research has shown significant improvements in both patient’s symptoms and quality of life.

Dr Palsson showed an efficacy rate of 80% and Dr Whorwell at Manchester University found after five years the average patient showed less than half their symptoms and considered they no longer had IBS.

Linda Stewart Hypnotherapy

Linda offers a personalised service based on the research supported “gut directed hypnotherapy”. Over 7 sessions each lasting up to one hour she will work with you to address pain, discomfort and stress. You will be given a recording to listen to and asked to complete some monitoring exercises in between sessions. Using this seven session process people report relief and improvement of their symptoms by session four. Completing seven session’s benefits can be maintained. Research after five years reports

• 80% sub clinical • 63% not taking medication • 37% taking reduced medication

So if your gut is dreading Christmas and you want to find out more, give Linda a call on 07920 000 177 or email her on She’d love to hear from you.