Kids bring fashion movement to Leicester

A fashion movement has been put into motion – children’s designer outlet I.N.A will cater to for boys and girls from birth to 16 years

The outlet, set up by Charlie Winkless from Leicester, will stock high end and up and coming designer clothing providing Leicester’s children and teens with the latest fashions at reasonable prices with a focus on children’s vintage wear.

But there is more to this fashion company than meets the eye. Charlie said: “It will be run by me and my little helpers, my three daughters. We will be a family business and a business representing overcoming life's obstacles and living your dreams.”

Keen to promote education and experience as an essentially fun part of early life, Charlie’s daughters will have a big presence in the running of the business. “We want to spread the idea of setting goals from an early age, hence the reason my children will run the business with me. They actually think they’re business owners aged 12, 10 and 3,” she laughs.

The I.N.A website will feature Charlie’s motherhood blog consisting of what she and the girls have been up to, everyday motherhood experiences and, of course, what the children have been wearing. In the future, her three little entrepreneurs Shayla Ilan, Renaise Nevaeh and Devon Amour plan to design their own range for the website based on 'emotions and feelings'.

The cheerful family team have already secured Billie Blush and Mim Up, and have so much more to come. You can also contact Shayla, Renaise, Devon and Charlie to request items you'd like to see on their website or for any help you may need with your business ventures.

“Childhood is where our story starts and obstacles we face and overcome determine the people we are going to eventually be,” Charlie explains. “How we dress expresses who we are, this is where fashion and clothing come in. My daughters are my motivation in everything I do so it was only right that I named the business after their middle names and they've been on this venture with me every step of the way.”