A classic twist on the fitness monitor

The iFit Classic is a suave alternative to other fitness monitors on the market.

We love the fact it disguises itself as a normal functioning classy watch – and indeed it is – but there is so much more to it than this. Fusing fashion and fitness, iFit claim they’ve created a timeless look that takes users from the boardroom to the gym – and we agreed just by looking at it; something that definitely sets it aside from other activity trackers out there today. But what features does it have to make it a worthwhile buy for users wanting a real time, accurate account of their daily habits and exercise?

Three gauges on the face of the analogue watch signify how many steps you’ve taken, your calories burned, and your calories consumed. At first glance the gauges seem confusing but we found after playing around with our new gadget, that they’re quite simple and satisfying to read to the knowing eye - all the more of an exclusive feel when you’re the only one who really understands what the watch is telling you. It’s also a nice break from the digital madness we experience daily to be able to interact with a more traditional approach to the new age of technology.

A polite buzz from the watch reminds you to get moving when you have been still for too long, a really helpful tool for those like us who work at desks 9-5. This feature also makes a surprisingly effective alarm to wake you up in the morning. The built in sleep monitor records your sleep patterns and pillow time. As someone who has some difficulty sleeping most nights, it’s really helpful to understand how fidgety you are during sleeping hours and how much of a quality rest you’ve had.

Advanced tracking tech gives accurate stats for workout time, steps, distance and calorie burn, which as mentioned above are great to be able to read off the cuff at any point. With the iFit app as your new coach you’re able to get more in depth information from your daily activities. The standard app does feel quite limited and iFit encourage you to upgrade to iFit Coach to receive personalised recommendations for activity, exercise, nutrition and sleep. By upgrading you also receive the iFit Vue for free with factors your goals, body metrics and daily activity.

After already paying £199.99 for the watch it does seem unfair to have to upgrade the app to get the most out of your purchase but with its stylish appearance this is an amount some would be happy to pay just for the watch itself. Also, the iFit Coach app is also quite a bit more advanced than that of other standard apps that come with other fitness trackers available so we feel we can let iFit off for this. Overall, a great buy. ifit.com/classic