Inspirational Women in Business the 8th inning

Today was the day of Niche Magazine and Glynis Wright’s seventh Inspirational Women in Business (IWIB) seminar hosted by Cross Productions at St Martins House, and what a day it was! Each IWIB event is infused with positivity and inspiration and it has clearly spread seeing that attendees have increased in number for each event. A record number of attendees came to join in on what they’d heard so much about from last year’s three IWIB events and it was delightful to see so many new faces in the crowd at this year’s first event.

Jenny Cross, Director of Cross Productions said: “I’m so proud that these seminars have reached so many people. Each time I find myself amazed by the ideas that form simply from have a conversation with a fellow businesswoman and seeing where it goes. It really is inspirational to see women in business come together like this. Each one of these ladies here today is a success in their own right but when they come together in such a way as this, it is fascinating to witness such creative thinking and how just one person can have such an impact on another.”

Forty guests gathered at the beautiful St Martins House; an unfitting venue being an old boy’s grammar school back in the 1800s, they would not have believed their eyes seeing so many sensational successful business women in one room back then! Influential ladies from a huge variety of industries came to the event today from sectors including, marketing, legal, construction, design, publishing, tax and many more.

Two guests speakers, Sally Barnet, Head of Chambers at New Street Barristers and Leanne Bonner Cooke from IT company Evolve gave fantastic and provocative talks. It was truly inspiring to hear how they both rose to their positions and how they overcame obstacles that would have held some women back in two remarkably male-dominated sectors.

The event is always an opportunity to simply throw ideas around, network, support, inspire and encourage with a selection of successful, driven businesswomen in a relaxed atmosphere - relaxed, that is, until the room is filled with a quiet buzz of excitement.

Glynis Wright of Glynis Wright & Co Family Solicitors & Mediators said: “In my opinion this was the best Inspirational Women in Business seminar yet. With 40 participants there was a buzz and energy in the room even before the first speaker went on. Both speakers were superb and well received and it was clear by the feedback at the end of the seminar that most of the participants felt that they had been inspired and were talking away tips and knowledge to run their businesses more effectively."

Great minds don’t think alike - great minds are completely unique!

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