How to choose the right windows for your property

Rather like the features to a face, windows are a key focus when looking at your home from both the outside looking in and the inside looking out. They form an impression of your property to not only yourself but to visitors and even passers-by. Whether you are looking to renovate an older property, update your existing home or build it from the roots up, windows are an important choice.

So, how do we advise on window purchases? Well, we start with a discussion about what they currently have. What do they like/dislike about their windows? What is the age of the property? What kind of budget do they have? What are the surrounding properties like? What home décor styles do they like?

These are just a few of the questions which we often use as a starting block for residential clients. For commercial clients, the questions are slightly different, especially if the property is a new build. The image of the company property has to fit the bill, doesn’t it? Perhaps more so than that of a residential property which might have more to do with personal taste. For a commercial property we like to visit it for ourselves, take a look at the building plans and meet with a team from your company to discuss the ins and outs.

The important thing to remember though, is that a good consultation should ensure you get exactly what you want- even if, or especially if, you currently have no idea what that might be! 0116 271 0120