Bring the outside in this summer

As the frost is still seemingly everywhere, the promise of warmer days spent in your garden feel a long way off, but that shouldn’t stop you dreaming and planning for them. The addition of a conservatory to your home provides countless benefits, but top of the list of reasons to invest has to be the seamless way a well-designed one connects the house to your outdoor space.

More than adding space to your living area, a conservatory brings light and nature in, providing you with a relaxing and unique space to relax, work or socialise in. We know what you are thinking though, aren’t they cold in winter and stifling in the summer? Aren’t they a bit, well, old fashioned and not in a cool, retro way? Well, yes some are, but it depends on the provider.

EAS’s range of classic Edwardian or Victorian options provide plenty of great design and space but the sleek, minimalist lean to style conservatories are a very current addition and flood your home with natural light. The total package of design is something which EAS are passionate about, and this means that they consider a huge amount of detail about your space and lifestyle before producing a design to your budget and timeframe.

The temperature element often associated with conservatories is thankfully a thing of the past, with new materials and construction methods ensuring your conservatory remains cool in summer and warm in the winter it’s no longer a worry.

Imagine yourself relaxing in your stylish, perfectly cool conservatory this summer. Done that? Are you picturing it? Good, now call EAS.

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