My Journey – Bilateral Breast Augmentation

The diary entries of Jessica – a patient of Nuffield Hospital’s Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Sankar

Friday 7th May 2010 My first consultation with Mr Sankar was to decide whether he was the surgeon for me and, of course, whether I was the patient for him. Right from the start he made me feel totally at ease and there was a nurse in the room at all times. He asked me what type of breast surgery I was considering and why I wished to have it. I have always felt my breasts were out of proportion with the rest of my body and didn’t feel very womanly unless I was wearing my ‘chicken fillets’! I showed him a picture and we discussed how he must take into consideration the size of my frame, skin availability and any complications that may arise if you push these boundaries, and that the picture was not really possible. He was very clear on what he would do safely and if I wished to exceed this then he would not be the surgeon for me. This made my decision that he was the one! My measurements and pictures were taken and I was fitted with a special tight vest to try various implants. I couldn’t decide straight away so he said to fill a plastic sandwich bag with rice to test out different sizes whilst at home. I left with a very clear picture of the surgery, possible side effects, and look I can achieve.

Friday 14th May My follow up appointment today ensured I was fully aware of all procedures and entirely happy to go through with the surgery. Mr Sankar revisited all points discussed in the previous consultation to ensure I was clear on everything. I filled out forms and had some swabs and blood tests to ensure surgery could go ahead. Mr Sankar reassured me that if I had any more questions then I shouldn’t hesitate to contact him. I had two weeks cooling off period in case I changed my mind. During this time the nurse was available for me to phone if I had any questions.

Friday 28th May - The day of surgery At the hospital I was checked in and introduced to my wonderful nurse. I was left to get comfortable in my lovely room with fantastic views. An anaesthetist visited me and asked numerous questions followed by another anaesthetist who asked the same questions again to check. Mr Sankar arrived, took some before pictures and marked me out ready for theatre where I was introduced to the staff before they inserted my cannula. Before long it was all over and I was awake in the recovery bay with a nurse close by who made me feel very relaxed. I was taken back to my room, checked regularly without fail, and fed and watered. As I sat up my chest felt as though there was a really heavy weight that was going to fall off and I could not bring myself to look at what had been done yet. I was fitted with some special leg massagers to help with blood circulation while I slept. Mr Sankar was brilliant and I would definitely recommend him if you are considering Bilateral Breast Augmentation in order for your transformation journey to be a successful one.

Find out what happened next in Jessica’s journey in Mr Sankars next blog post.