Shhh - The secret (Haycock & Tail)bar

The bar in plain sight that you’ve never heard of......

With a secretive website giving very little away and described as ‘hard to find but well worth the effort,’ Haycock & Talibar intrigued us to say the least. From what we could gather, it was a cocktail and supper room that specialised in steaks, wines and spirits. Sounds like a lot of places, right? Well, we found out this was not your run of the mill restaurant bar.

We tracked it down and found Haycock & Talibar just off the lively-Friday-night Belvoir Street discreetly tucked away across the road from The Terrace bar. Getting away from the rowdy crowds on the popular avenue that comes to life when the sun goes down, we found the oh-so-secret abode that even on the website you have to ring a door bell to find out how to book a table, even if you’re just wanting cocktails and nibbles or desserts. We rang the slightly formidable doorbell to the secret bar disguised as a shop front with blackened windows adding to our growing excitement.

Waiting patiently outside until a lady discretely answered the door there was very much a feeling of ‘if your names not on the list you’re not coming in’. It all felt extremely élite and private as though we had just bagged ourselves a table at the most exclusive bar in Leicester. We were in!

There were very few tables around inside, which accentuated the VIP feel and the lighting was low giving an atmosphere that suggested we were in hiding and the Haycock & Talibar were attempting to conceal our VIP presence away from the noisy street outside.

Our cocktails were presented in such an original quirky fashion making this place feel even more unique. The elegant neon pink Porn Megastar was accompanied with sweet edible pearls and served in a clam shell. We also indulged in the New Chapter cocktail which was served with a chunk of smoked ice, the alcohol was contained separately within a hip flask that was concealed in an old battered book with a hollowed out middle. We felt like high-class spies in the 1940s!

The experience was one we will remember. The fabulous service had us feeling like we were very important and server named Squire was extremely thorough when describing his bestselling cocktails and the tasting experiences involved.

We can’t possibly say anymore. If you’re intrigued, you’ll have to see if you can reserve a table on their website to see inside and experience the exclusivity for yourself!