Cocktails with the Canksters

Niche did a little research over at 33 Cank Street to shine a spotlight on their best cocktail – here are the results

The Canksters, as they call themselves, can be found at 33 Cank Street at the site of the historic Cank Well where it’s said to have been a hotbed for gossip as the locals would confide and divulge information amongst themselves. They were the traders of secrets. The procurers of words between words. Well, that’s what they say on the website anyway and it somehow had an alluring charm to it so we had to try a night out there. We dedicated our Friday night to satisfying our curiosities in the quirky dwelling. Inside you’ll discover 33 Cank Street is an intimate setting with a brilliant Friday night buzz without being overly loud or crammed – quite different to some of the other bars in the area, so it’s perfect for small groups, couples and singles in the chilled out setting.

We’d heard a lot about the cocktails and just as we’d expected, there was quite a bit of emphasis from the waiter on their cocktails being rather special and let’s say we were more than willing to let him recommend us a few. Our server was remarkably knowledgeable and attentive towards us ensuring that we were ordering the right drinks to suit our taste buds. We’d expressed our interest for something fruity and gin based but not too overpowering. We decided on the Lady Baby Jesus, Bosworth Rose, Confetti, and The Big T. We were excited to see the precision, energy and ultimately the art that went into making our cocktails and presentation did not fail to impress either.

Here’s our verdict on the four glorious cocktails we tried out in our hunt for the best cocktail the Cankster’s have to offer.

The beautiful Lady Baby Jesus was a tall two toned green-to-red exotic looking cocktail topped with a strawberry – a fantastic option for those wanting to quench their thirst as well as feeling the fuzziness of the zingy apricot liqueur, gin, and cranberry and orange juice.

Creativity: 7/10 Taste: 8/10

The Canksters homage to King Richard III was up next. The Bosworth Rose was a soothing pale pink liquid made up of Campari, fresh citrus, pineapple juice and rose water spritz beneath a thin layer of white foam and served with a delicate rose bud. And created with the main ingredient of Leicestershire’s very own Burleigh’s Gin, it was the perfect tribute to the King who loved Leicester. Creativity: 9/10 Taste: 9/10

The Confetti – a contender for the position of favourite – was served on a wooden board with feta cheese. The salty, sharp, tangy taste of the feta was deliciously washed down with the sweet tastes of the mango vodka, apricot liqueur and pineapple juice. You need to try this one for yourself to truly appreciate its palate genius. Creativity: 9/10 Taste: 10/10

Our top marker for presentation was The Big T. Vanilla vodka, limoncello, grapefruit soda, lemon curd and fresh citrus was shaken together and presented in a ‘Ting’ zesty fruit fizz soda can bursting with Caribbean vibes topped with a sprig of mint, tropical fruits and a jumbo straw. If you love citrus fruit flavours and are looking for a statement cocktail this is the one for you. Creativity: 10/10 Taste: 7/10

So there you have it. We’ve never tried a cocktail quite like the Confetti before! It’s our winner because of it’s mouth-watering accompaniment, it’s fancy wooden cheese board presentation and classy glass of the perfect amount of refreshing vodka and juices.