Spring Clean your beauty regime for 2017

With the glimmer of spring around the corner and the indulgences of the New Year's festivities long gone, it's time to spring clean your beauty regime. After all, we spring clean our homes so why shouldn't we do the same for ourselves?

It's all about streamlining things, clearing out the droves of half used products and discovering the products and treatments which work for you. Beau Aesthetica, located in the lovely boutique shopping area of Stoneygate, Leicester, provide a tailor made beauty and cosmetic procedure service which is only ever as a result of discussing with you what you want. Working their beauty magic with highly skilled therapists, the Beau team have a host of treatments under their belt to get you feeling and looking your best this spring.

The first step is to pay the day spa and clinic a visit, have a chat with one of the team to talk about your current regime and the areas you would like to improve on. This could be anything from regular facials and HD Brows through to Caci treatments, cosmetic injectables and Lipo by VASER. Making small tweaks to your existing regime can make all the difference to your look often resulting in a more youthful, finished feel. Perhaps you like a natural look and just want glowing skin and tidy brows, maybe you want to get rid of those persistent last few inches around your thighs, or maybe you want a complete make over body spruce up.

Beau's repertoire of treatments and procedures are all specialist with only the latest in technological advancements and training on the treatment menu allowing you the client to enjoy the very best in the world of beauty and procedures right here in Leicester.

Just some of the Beau treatments include HD Brows, Semi-Permanent Make-up, Colon Hydrotherapy Radio Frequency, CACI and Dermaroller facial treatments, Enzyme facials and cosmetic fillers to name a few.

Beauaesthetica.com 0116 270 9141

Spotlight On: Lipo by Vaser

Okay so the New Year brought with it all sorts of promises about improved fitness, diets and losing those last few inches around your tummy. Yet, maybe this is the time you also realised that the plan didn't go quite, well, to plan!

Through Lipo Vaser you can get the results you desire without all the stress and worry of shifting those last few inches that exercise and dieting just don't seem to shift. Many of us have those pockets of predisposed body fat that we can't shake and the VASER technology and LiopSelection technique that Beau are trained in offer a safe alternative to ridding yourself of them and feeling great. There is very little recovery time and discomfort and yet the results can be seen straight away. Safe on just about every area of your body, VASER is a firm celebrity favourite.