Cambridge & Counties Bank biggest loan yet

Our Biggest Loan Yet In December 2016, Cambridge & Counties were able to secure £7.7 million funding for City Edge, our biggest loan yet. The newly opened student apartments, housing 136 high-spec studios on Hagley Road are based in a former office building by renowned architect John Madin. The loan was approved and drawn down in just eight weeks. The customer, Hagley Road Properties Limited, was introduced to Cambridge & Counties by Finance 4 Business.

Owner of Hagley Road Properties, Shaylor Group chief executive officer Stephen Shaylor said: “We enjoyed the way Cambridge & Counties Bank ensured the lend was a relatively quick process, working closely and diligently with our team and the various advisors. They also demonstrated flexibility along with excellent communication skills.” Our very own Director of Business

Development (West Midlands) Neil Reddington said: “The West Midlands Cambridge & Counties team is very proud that this deal was led from Birmingham, using Birmingham professionals, for an important addition to the burgeoning student accommodation market in the city.”