Feeling bikini ready?

Soon enough we will be turning our thoughts to getting beach body ready and for most of us the thought fills us with dread, doesn't it? Well, it needn't, not with some of the highly advanced treatments available these days. Here are a couple of our favourite treatments to get your body looking its best, ready to hit the beach this summer.

Radio Frequency is first on the list. A non-invasive treatment which helps to tighten up any loose skin and cellulite making it a particular favourite for those getting ready to bring out the swimsuits. Whether for arms, the abdominal area, buttocks or legs the treatment promotes healthy collagen production, something which diminishes in our skin as we get older, and therefore a smoother look.

Lipomassage is another great non-invasive treatment which shapes your body and reduces that pesky cellulite. The targeted actions produce fast results even on those stubborn bits, plus it's all pain free and actually pleasant for the client. A motorized device with two adjustable rollers and controlled suction creates a symmetrical skin-fold and as the fat layer decreases through this specialised process, the blood flow and lymphatic drainage increases diminishing cellulite build up.

These treatments are fantastic ways of getting ready for the summer months whether you are beach bound or simply looking to feel better in those shorter hem lines.

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