Exhibiting your business

How important is it for your business to be seen in the right circles? Well, from direct experience we know the significant benefits to be had. That’s why we’ll be bringing the perfect opportunity for this to happen with our Cross Connections Business Expo on the 26th October at The Kube, Leicester Racecourse.

Here’s why expeditions will get you seen in the right light. For so many businesses, learning how to show themselves to the right audience is no easy task, especially in an age where technology and social media play such a huge role. How do you a) present yourself and b) who do you present yourself to?

Here at Cross Productions we know only too well the importance of your direct networking ‘unit’ so, joining together with other businesses in the local community to share ideas, motivation and contacts is something we are always keen to implement. This, along with social media and advertising outlets, is what will help your business take off and continue to thrive.

So, join us for our expo this October and get a full day of networking meeting new potential clients or partners face to face, be inspired by powerful speakers, discover contacts and learn how to stay ahead and stand out from the crowd of competition. Crucially, everything will be vital, relevant and valuable to you and your business.

0116 271 2573 crossconnectionsexpo.co.uk