Distrust in financial institutions?

Distrust of financial institutions drives people to look at alternative investments, new research reveals

Savers are most trusting of property and least trusting of banks when it comes to getting the best return on their investments, a survey by Buy2LetCars has revealed.

A survey of UK adults by the firm, which operates a vehicle leasing model funded by individuals instead of financial institutions, has discovered that 51% of people do not trust banks at all, compared to only 2% who trust them completely, and that a staggering 81% believe banks do not give them a fair return on their money.

Property is still considered the most reliable investment - 83% trust it to give them the best or a fair return on their money, followed by gold with 14% trusting it completely.

However, the survey also reveals that what had previously been thought of as alternative investments, such as art, are actually delivering the best results for people, driven in part by low interest rates hampering returns on savings.

The results suggest that a distrust of banks is leading savers and investors to look to alternative ways to grow their money and coincides with a growth in re-investors in Buy2LetCars, who saw 38.22% of its entire investor base re-invest during or after their three year investment cycle.

The survey of people’s saving and investment habits also looked at the reasons why people are saving, with the majority of respondents (49%) saving for retirement, 25% saving for other projects, including paying off debts, house improvement plans and investment opportunities, 20% saving for a holiday, 15% saving for their children’s future and 14% saving to move house.

The financial press is still seen as a trustworthy source for choosing investment opportunities, above friends and family referrals, with 47% conducting their own research through the press, compared to 14% consulting friends and family.

Only 10% admitted to using the same bank or building society they have always used.

Surprisingly, the impact of Brexit on savings and investments is not a concern for most respondents, with only 29% being concerned about the potential financial implications of Britain leaving the EU, compared to 58% who are not concerned.

Paula Edwards, Marketing and Communications Manager at Buy2LetCars, comments: “The results of our survey demonstrate that people are still deeply mistrustful when it comes to banks, with the perception and impact of the 2008 recession still resonating with the general public. The figures we see suggest that people are looking to remove their financial dependence on banks and institutions, instead spreading their investments across alternative saving and investment opportunities, and direct investment methods such as property and gold. These are perceived as more trustworthy, delivering an increase in value over time and giving a better return overall.

“We’re also seeing people using new and different ways of growing their money, with some respondents currently investing in art, wine, classic cars and peer to peer investments, and considering these to be more trustworthy than banks or ISAs. This is supported by the results we see at Buy2LetCars, with nearly 40% of our investors choosing to commit more funds during or after their three-year investment cycle. With interest rates remaining low, compared to the 33% return we deliver on investments, we believe that people will continue to choose alternative investments to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals.”

Buy2LetCars, based in Godstone, Surrey, operates a people to people lending scheme that delivers a 33% return on investments over three years by purchasing and leasing out cars via its leasing arm Wheels4Sure.com. The leasing arm provides new cars to customers with a proven regular income, who struggle to access mainstream credit for a variety of reasons. The company, which has operated since 2012 and now employs 30 people, conducted the survey as part of a re-branding and re-positioning exercise, and its need to further understand its customer base.

Buy2LetCars works with 13 manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall and Jeep, and its success has led to its inclusion within the Barclays and BGF Entrepreneurs Index and the Mishcon CITY AM Leap 100 Index, identifying it as one of the country’s fastest growing new businesses, and a nomination in the UK Private Business Awards 2015.

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