My journey - bilateral breast augmentation

You might remember Jessica; a patient of the renowned cosmetic surgeon, Mr Sankar. We posted the first part of her diary entries in the run up to her surgery. Here, we update you with Jessica’s diary post-op.

Saturday 29th May

I woke up feeling extremely tired, found it difficult to lift my arms, and struggled to eat. I was worried as I couldn’t imagine making it home today. I was given antibiotics through my drip to prevent infection and a course of disgusting-tasting oral antibiotics. Getting dressed felt as if my chest was going to fall off! Mr Sankar visited me before I was discharged but I felt my breasts were pointy and not right. He assured me that they would change. My walk to the car was very delicate and the seat belt was uncomfortable. I went out for dinner for my nephew’s 18th birthday but felt very tired and tearful.

Thursday 3rd June

Sat in the garden and because of lack of sensitivity after the op I sun-burnt the top of my boob. I managed to make dinner for the first time and cut down to two painkillers three times a day.

Saturday 5th June

Check-up with Mr Sankar. He removed my tape and said everything is as it should be. Showered for the first time – heaven! My chest still feels heavy and painful after moving. I have odd sharp shooting pains in my chest, which Mr Sankar said I would experience due to nerves repairing. People are commenting surprised at how great I look and that they really fit my frame as they expected some Jordan-type image!

Monday 7th June

My right boob has a deep dull pain which increases with each deep breath penetrating through to my shoulder. I have done too much today and feel really emotional. I’m finding it easier to look at them and am beginning to love my new look.

Saturday 12th June

On my first day back to work I wore a baggy top so no-one would notice and felt conscious about anyone bumping into me. I went out for a surprise birthday meal today and felt uncomfortable the whole night. Frustrating that I can’t pick up my little boy and when he has a temper will pull my heart strings and hurt me.

Sunday 13th June

Travelled to Devon. What a difference from the first journey home from hospital, not every bump in the road made me wince this time! And I have a cleavage! Never achieved this before without a Wonderbra and two pairs of socks! Have been good sticking to Mr Sankar’s instructions with gentle walking every day increasing the pace as the week continues.

Monday 3rd July

Feeling absolutely chuffed to bits with Mr Sankar’s handy work. I had such a different shopping experience this year due to my new shape. What a great birthday!

A new beginning

Cosmetic surgery should not be entered into lightly. It’s not only the physical limitations but also your emotional status you should be aware of during your recovery.

My journey has been a successful one and it’s all due to the professionalism and care I received. I am so happy with my new image and it is with many thanks to Mr Sankar’s expertise that I can wear my clothes (or not) with confidence now! If I could go back to before the operation I would absolutely do it again.

Advice From Mr Sankar

Anyone wishing to have any cosmetic surgery should do their research first followed by consultation with surgeon more than once and sometimes with more than one surgeon before you make your decision.

Contact Mr Sankar for advice at Nuffield Hospital on 0116 298 9746