Niche has got Sole

Niche's experience with Beautiful Sole Therapies

Having heard about reflexology over the years I was intrigued to find out more and when Halima Keshav of Beautiful Sole Therapies recently invited me to her therapy space within her home I was delighted to accept.

Halima explained a little more about reflexology and its benefits and explained that people seek it out for its healing effects and others simply for its relaxation. She told me that reflexology works by applying light pressure onto various points on the foot which correlate like a map to the body. By clearing toxins and lymphatic build up the results can improve a host of ailments and promote general well-being in the body.

As an independent Neal’s Yard Therapist, Halima's therapy room smelt divine. I knew I would be in for a treat with the products used. Neal’s Yard are a company who’s organic and natural ethos, based around the use of natural plant ingredients and essential oils, create products free from harmful chemicals. The result is beautiful smelling beauty and well-being products and they created a perfectly relaxing environment to the treatment room.

The scene was set, after a bit of information from myself, Halima got to work. It was very relaxing for a start, with the candles, dimmed lights and beautiful smells all contributing to the experience but the gentle massage and pressure applied by Halima was what was completely transformational. I left feeling, relaxed, restored and knowing I would be back for more.