Bright new web site from Cambridge & Counties Bank

At Cambridge & Counties Bank our main concern is you, our clients and stakeholders. We are conscious about what we do, how we do it and most importantly, how it affects you.

Our next mission was to tackle our website, which while it was of great quality with lots of information, we decided it was time for a bit of a change. But we most certainly were not going to do it without the help of our customers.

We did some research and found that 31% of our web users were satisfied and 32% were quite satisfied. But we wanted your experience to be more than that so we got to work on some changes based on your invaluable feedback that we hope you will love and find beneficial to the service you receive from us.

So, what’s new? A brand new design of calming blues and whites with the odd splash of sophisticated vibrant colour so that each section of the page you are on is easily identified. We have a new fixed menu that will always be at the top of the page when scrolling so that you always know where you are on the site. Each page we have created combines transparent easy-to-read facts and figures and short bursts of text that provide all the information you need with the option to go into more detail.

A brand new help centre provides clear and concise information and advice on savings, property finance and asset finance as well as some very helpful FAQs. In each of these sections you’ll find lots of straight talking PDFs and useful forms. A new search function also makes it easy to filter through all our blogs and pages so that you can instantly find all relevant information to the specific subject you want to know more about.

We’ve made sure that our new website is easy to read, understand and navigate with clear information, responsive design and a welcoming look.

Dedicated to your needs and comfort, we continue to welcome your feedback so we can continually update our site for a better user experience. Send your comments to - We look forward to hearing what you think!

The site was created by Leicestershire RAR award winning full service design agency, Arch Creative.