Why you need management accounts

The successesful businesses that you see thriving around you will most likely have management accounts so that they can get a clear and accurate understanding of how their business is operating financially month on month.

But why is this relevant to you?

Unless you know exactly how each part of your business is running both physically and financially then it is completely relevant to you! And of course, you won’t know all the ins and outs of these aspects unless you have management accounts to rely on and use to your advantage.

Management accounts will give you a full understanding of how your business is running. It allows you to see the profitability of the business, how each profit/cost centre is operating, maintains the balance sheet which all help to make decisions to move the business in the right direction. With this at your fingertips you will be able to make better informed management decisions that will be much more beneficial to your business. Management Accounts will assist management in making quality decisions about their business. If this is not the case, then it is likely that they have not been presented or collated correctly.

If organised efficiently, you’ll be able to see key performance indicators and in-depth breakdowns of costings, pricings, outgoings, incomings and budget information. An analysis comparing and highlighting significant points along with explanations and commentary will keep all management up to date and in the loop.

Gaining imperative information from management accounts regularly will give you and your management team a new found confidence and ability to make the right decisions to benefit your business.

There is no need to be in the dark with your finances.

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