Leicester to feature in groundbreaking TV documentary series

Andy Green, who lives in Sileby, features in the final episode of the groundbreaking television documentary series ‘Inside The Freemasons’ which screens on Monday 15th May 2017 on Sky 1.

Exclusive and unprecedented access was granted to film inside one of the world’s oldest and most intriguing membership organisations as part of its 300th anniversary in 2017. The fifth and final episode of series which Andy appears in focusses on the future of Freemasonry.

Filmed across several months in 2016, including at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, the documentary follows individual Freemasons providing the modern relevance of the organisation. Andy became a Freemason 17 years ago when he worked at the University of Leicester at the age of 27 via a recommendation from a university friend. He is now Vice-Chairman of a national scheme, the Universities Scheme, which encourages students to become Freemasons whilst at university following the same path as lodges meeting at Oxford and Cambridge. In Leicester, there are two Universities Scheme Lodges: Wyggeston Lodge for University of Leicester students and Castle of Leicester Lodge for De Montfort University students. In addition, there is also a lodge based in Loughborough, Lodge of Science and Art, which accommodates Loughborough University students. In total the Universities Scheme has 75 lodges in university towns and cities across England, Wales, South Africa and even Jamaica.

Andy, who now works at the University of Nottingham has a main research interest in the molecular pathology of breast cancer. He has authored over 200 research papers on the subject and has an international reputation in this field. He also teaches future doctors and about cancer.

Andy said: “Freemasonry has given me an enormous amount of pleasure but more importantly it has given me confidence and skills that are transferred into the workplace.” He continued: “Without Freemasonry, which has given me the opportunity to practice public speaking and lead Masonic ceremonies, I don’t think I would have ever had the confidence to lecture to 250 students or to speak at a conference with over 500 attendees. Being a Freemason has also taught me to be much more compassionate and understanding which certainly helps with mentoring and advising students through difficulties that may arise during their studies.”

Andy continued: “Charity is a cornerstone of Freemasonry and being a member has also developed my desire to help others in need despite suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have in the past few years raised over £3,000 by completing a 36 mile MoonWalk, the Great North Run and the University of Nottingham’s Life Cycle 6 last year where I cycled 50 miles for breast cancer research.”

Talking about his involvement in the documentary he said: “I'm incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about Masonry and have relished the opportunity to be part of a unique documentary series helping to dispel the myths that have surrounded Freemasonry for many years. I also very much care about the future of Freemasonry and helping to ensure that generations to come, particularly university students, are able to enjoy it as much as I do.”