Grant Thornton issues call to East Midlands business ahead of General Election

The East Midlands office of financial and business advisers Grant Thornton UK LLP is urging local businesses to share their views on what the next Government needs to do by adding to its manifesto for a vibrant economy ahead of the General Election next month. The manifesto will be presented to the next government immediately after the election, and provide a set of recommendations to help unlock the UK’s full potential. Chris Frostwick, partner and practice leader of Grant Thornton’s East Midlands office, explains: “The general election comes at a critical juncture in the UK’s journey towards life outside the EU, and provides us with a great opportunity to bring together and maintain momentum in bringing our purpose of shaping a vibrant economy. “Government policy will be key to unlocking the UK’s potential and creating a vibrant and prosperous economy for all, so our manifesto aims to stimulate ideas and give the East Midlands community a voice on what they believe the Government should do to support sustainable business growth, to create environments where people and business can flourish, and to build trust and integrity across all markets.

“We need to articulate and agree a purpose that recognises the contribution we can make to the global economy, and what we can take from it; this is a collaborative undertaking.

“A vision is emerging of creating a prosperous UK by building the most collaborative, open, trusted and connected economy in the world, along with a broad consensus around the key priorities, and a desire and willingness to work together with government to deliver them,” he says.

“During the election campaign, we want to extend the discussion even further, refining and building on these ideas ready to present to the new government. We value the thoughts of our local and regional private, public and third sector communities and want to hear their views and ideas.

“There are many organisations that struggle to get their issues and thoughts aired, and this is an opportunity for us to give them the chance to make a difference and have their say,” Chris adds. “I encourage them to add their voices to ours.”

The firm is to present its ‘Manifesto for a Vibrant Economy’ to the new government straight after the election and to seek to work with them and organisations across the UK to make it happen.

Please read Grant Thornton’s draft manifesto (PDF) and submit comments by 31st May 2017. Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #VibrantEconomy

Over the past 18 months, Grant Thornton UK LLP has been exploring how to build a vibrant economy in the UK. The firm has convened communities around the country in its City Inquiries and roundtables, with representatives from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. It has also commissioned ground-breaking research in the area – the Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index – that measures the socio-economic success of the nation.

The collective findings suggest the need for a clear vision for the UK based on five key recommendations:

unlocking international trade addressing current and future skills needs supporting finance for collaborative innovation local strategic action to develop and finance infrastructure and connectivity building more long-term business and financial models.