Collaboration: Fazer Lakritsi and the world’s most popular colouring book

Fazer Lakritsi is beginning collaboration with Recolor, the most popular colouring book app in the world. Pictures created around the theme “From Lappeenranta with Love” depict Lappeenranta – the home town of the Fazer Lakritsi family of liquorice products. The Finnish app Recolor has millions of users around the world.

Fazer Lakritsi will publish three pictures in the Recolor app. Recolor is the most popular colouring book app in the world. It was developed by the Finnish company Sumoing.

The Recolor app has more than 16 million users worldwide, and it logs approximately 60 million colouring visits a month. “From Lappeenranta with Love” is the first campaign in which a Finnish brand is collaborating with Recolor.

“This cooperation is a natural extension of Fazer’s presence in the digital realm. Recolor, which has been on the market for a few years, provides our nearly 126-year-old company with a new way to tell our story,” says Reija Laaksonen, Head of Digital at Fazer Confectionery.

“It’s great to have a chance to create a new kind of colouring picture campaign with Fazer and a new way of using colouring pictures as an advertising channel at the same time. The campaign pictures turned out to be really good, and I believe that they’ll prove to be popular,” says Ilkka Teppo, CEO of Sumoing.

The pictures now published have been created by the illustrator Oona Himanen, with the theme “From Lappeenranta with Love”. The pictures' names are Drop, Harbour and Pearls. Fazer Lakritsi is a family of liquorice products clad in graphic black and white packages and manufactured at the Fazer confectionery factory in Lappeenranta.

You can participate in the campaign via a web browser or by downloading the Recolor app from the App Store or Google Play.

Finnish campaign pages:

Swedish campaign pages:

The colouring campaign has received a very warm welcome. During the first few days, the Fazer Lakritsi pictures have already been coloured hundreds of times. The pictures are on display on Instagram, hashtag #FazerLakritsi instagram