Investigated: Workplace healthy living scheme

Function Jigsaw, a company that treats, rehabs and prevents injuries by putting programmes into clubs to get the most out of their athletes, has created the Fit for Industry programme. Whether your employees work in an office or on a building site, it is Function Jigsaws belief that introducing positive mind and body activities affect employee ability to cope with personal and work stress.

The Fit for Industry programme delivers 45 minute talks followed by 25 minute massages in the workplace over a period of 12 weeks or 12 months.

Cross Productions tried it out…

Our Coach, Debbie Bliss, has been a Personal Trainer since 1996 and had a career that crossed over many different fields of fitness. In 2014 she wrote a book called ‘Life is Bliss: An Inspirational Story’ after she suddenly contracted an autoimmune disease related to stress called dermatomyositis, which affects just one in a million. The debilitating illness left her wondering if she’d ever see her children grow up, ride her horse again or travel the world as she was left paralysed. She went from a marathon runner to a paraplegic in a matter of months yet she learnt to walk again, eat again, and talk again. She’s still affected by the disease that is largely associated with stress so it’s very important for her to stay calm in all situations. We’d say that makes her an expert on stress!

Her interactive talk was very audience involved as we shared our own personal stress triggers, which was a great team building exercise as we got to know more about each other that we wouldn’t get the chance to discover under normal circumstances. She taught us about ‘zoning’ and mindfulness: putting things into perspective and focusing on the here and now. This is because as humans we tend to worry about the past and the future but rarely focus on the present, which is strongly linked with depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, digestion, skin problems, sleep… the list goes on!

Debbie’s words echoed what we already knew about health and fitness but in many ways we had forgotten or pushed to the back of our minds. It takes someone to sit you down and remind you of the importance of breakfast, nutrition, the psychology behind food packaging, the impact of stress and the need to gain perspective on a situation.

The talk was inspirational and has stayed with each of us often being a talking point among us. As a team we’re in it together and have been reminding each other to take time out and asking each other if we’ve had breakfast and so on. And with massages to follow, our team has felt far more relaxed, have had advice on muscle and joint complaints, and overall, an incredibly positive experience.

Thanks Function Jigsaw!

Fit For Industry