Summer just isn’t summer without a bit of Wagamama

The summer menu has been out a while now but every time we take a trip to Wagamama in High Cross we just can’t resist telling you all about it!

We’re so in love with the seared nuoc cham tuna steak on a bed of quinoa with stir-fried kale, sweet potato, edamame beans, red onion and peppers and garnished with coriander.

We simply cannot get enough of the tender stem broccoli and bok choi, stir-fried in a garlic and soy sauce as well as the five tasty steamed pulled pork dumplings, served grilled and with a dipping sauce.

But we most recommend the new dish with fillets of sea bream dressed in a spicy vinegar on a bed of sticky white rice and teriyaki sauce, finished with carrots, pea shoots, spring onions and coriander and served a side of kimchee.

And if that’s not enough, please try the served with raspberry compote and fresh mint as well as the chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate parfait and hazelnut cream served with vanilla ice cream – they are both literally heaven on a plate.

But if you haven’t been to the restaurant before, don’t worry, the staff are all full of energy and can’t wait to share their dishes with you so they’ll talk you through each dish and even bring out sauces for you to try before you order.

Complete your summer with a trip to Wagamama!