3 reasons your garden needs a swimpond

The Michael Wheat Pond, Landscaping & Garden Design company discuss why you should consider a freshwater, natural swimming pond in your garden

A swimming pond is quite literally a natural swimming pool that uses clean, natural rainwater and is surrounded by plant and animal life for you and your family to swim in. Michael Wheat and team create stunning all-natural looking ponds to have you feeling like you’ve just stepped out of your door into a faraway, picturesque sanctuary. Here are the benefits of having a swimpond designed for you according to the wildlife-loving company.

  1. The concept originated in Germany and has become a craze that is now working its way into gardens all over the world. Can you imagine swimming with nature having no chlorine or chemicals spoiling the beauty of it or the life surrounding it? The natural clean and clear rainwater is kind to whoever swims within it as well as the environment. That means no stinging eyes, itchy skin or chemical smells, and a lot more healthy living. With this all natural feel, you can get lost in the peace and tranquility of the ocean or lake-imitating effects a swimpond creates for its users. Close your eyes and think of that glorious, indescribably beautiful feeling of cool, clear, freshwater washing over your body.

  2. For the health-conscious, a swimpond has the edge over a traditional swimming pool. Unlike blue rectangle type pools that use chemicals to kill germs and bacteria, the swimpond uses a natural filtering system using certain types of plants that keep the water crystal clear and clean. Cleaning is carried out by remarkably obliging micro-organisms which co-exist in a state of happy equilibrium with nature. Surprisingly, clean, clear water is the naturally occurring state in lakes and ponds (provided the main body of water is sufficiently deep and large). Freshwater swimming ponds are specifically designed and built to imitate this state and provide the perfect example of harnessing nature’s amazing intelligence.

  3. Unlike the traditional swimming pool, a swimpond accommodates wildlife and attracts it to your outside environment. In time you’ll see more birds, butterflies, Dragonflies, Damsel Flies, and maybe even other critters such as hedgehogs or squirrels that your garden had little appeal to before. And for the more squeamish – we know you want to ask about frog spawn and creepy crawlies – you can be confident in the fact that you won’t be swimming through the wildlife, just swimming with it nearby. Wildlife will be attracted to the planted, sheltered areas of the pond that blend in seamlessly with your garden while you swim in the section that is too deep for any life to grow.

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