Enigma Recovery helps parents all over the UK deal with Cyberbullying

According to the NSPCC, there were over 12,000 counselling sessions with young people who talked to Childline about online issues last year, with an 87% increase in sessions over the past three years. Enigma Digital Limited works with families all across the UK to restore peace of mind to parents that are worried about their children being bullied by providing Enigma Recovery, the number one smartphone data recovery solution provider that allows users to retrieve stolen or deleted data.

With Enigma Recovery, parents can recover deleted data from devices, such as text messages, contacts, calls and more. This may help parents find out what is troubling their child, and help obtain evidence should the bullying be reported. Often, authorities like schools and even the police, will not be able to progress further with bullying claims without evidence, and Enigma Recovery can help parents retrieve exactly that in the form of text messages, WhatsApp messages, images, videos and much more.

“We’ve seen a rise in parents whose children are being bullied contacting us about our software throughout 2017,” says Enigma Digital Limited’s Head of Marketing Miguel Marshall. “They’re primarily looking for evidence to support a complaint they’re raising to the school or authorities, but some parents just want to know exactly who their children are talking to online, which is always a worry for all parents in the digital age.

"We’ve had colleagues here who wish they had our software when their children were growing up, as often resolving bullying issues was a ‘he said-she said’ type story. With our software, you can retrieve data like images, videos, text messages and more that show the extent of the bullying in black and white, no matter if the child has deleted it from their devices.”

According to the Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Campaign an estimated 5.43 million young people in the UK have experienced cyberbullying, with 1.26 million subjected to extreme cyberbullying on a daily basis. What’s even more startling is that in the last three years, 7 in 10 young people aged between 13 and 22 have been a victim of cyberbullying.

It is something that is certainly, and unfortunately, on the rise, and due to the vast possibilities online, and often the lack of knowledge in this area of bullying, it can be handled incorrectly by parents, teachers, and the authorities.

On the other side of the coin, Enigma’s software can also help to restore any messages or communication to see whether children are in fact the cyber-bully themselves. It isn’t limited to just restoring data however, as their software has been used by parents and private investigators to help track down missing children by restoring their recent communications and locations.

Enigma Digital has put together a handy guide on their website on how to keep your children safe online, and what to do if you suspect that they are the victim of cyberbullying.

For more information about Enigma Digital Limited, or Enigma Recovery, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Potter at Anicca Digital on sarahp@anicca.co.uk