Reviewed: La Clique Noël

Well. We have been lucky enough to have seen a host of plays, acts and performances over the years but none have been quite like La Clique Noël. A truly unique, hilarious and ‘other worldly’ infusion of music, acrobatics, comedy and even a dose of erotica, La Clique Noël started back in 1996 in Club Spiegel with dancers, clowns, contortionists, magicians, acrobats, fire-eaters and everything else in between – if they were breaking from the norm and left busking in the streets, Club Spiegel welcomed them with open arms. A place where true, unique artists were given the freedom and space to shine with 2003 marking the year in which La Clique was born.

For the festive season La Clique introduced La Clique Noël to us unsuspecting audience members and what a ride it was. Vicky Butterfly brought her award-winning burlesque show, Tim Kriegler hung from various ariel strap positions, Heather Holliday swallowed actual swords and Craig Reid “The Incredible Hula Boy” wowed us with his circus feats along with an exceptional orchestra, band and acts. The whole thing was truly spectacular, absolutely hilarious! Full of debauchery, cheekiness and shades of light and dark we felt transported to the upside down (if that featured lots of comedy). It wasn’t all stage either with various experience tents we stepped into the 1920s tent and were convinced we had actually stepped back in time!

The Spielgel Family really brought it and made our trip to Edinburgh very special indeed; look out for a performance in Edinburgh until the 6th January and further Spiegel productions across the globe. You will be all at once amazed, entertained and thrilled to have witnessed something like nothing else you have seen before.