Leicester's Mahalia to play biggest hometown show to date

Leicestershire songstress Mahalia is set to play her biggest hometown show to date with a show at Dryden Street Social on Saturday 17 March. The date follows the release of her latest single “Hold On” featuring Compton rapper, Buddy. At 12 years old – the age most of us are aimlessly riding bikes or trying to avoid homework – Mahalia was picking up a guitar and penning love songs. With her entrancing, soulful tones, wise yet relatable wordplay and intuitive sense of melody, it quickly became clear that she had a natural sense of musicality, and that she’d be doing this for the rest of her life. Now 19, Mahalia is ready to fully unleash what she’s been brewing for so many years into the world. In the time since she first picked up that guitar, she’s dropped a scattering of releases – from 2012’s indie - flecked acoustic dream. Her latest track, “Hold On” was produced by Nana Rogues (Drake) and Jay Prince, and is a perfect example of the truly relatable song writing that Mahalia has become so well known for. The track; a rich slice of R&B and Pop-flecked jam, sprinkled with originality and pushed into the present day is quintessentially Mahalia - encompassing the classic sounds of the past while refusing to be hemmed in by one particular genre; her open-hearted lyricism holding it all together like magic dust. Mahalia commented, "Hold On" was a tune that needed to come out of me for a long time and it finally did when I stumbled upon an old flame of mine in my home town. It's a long story so I won't go into it... however, I originally wrote "Hold On" in the studio with Jay Prince. I then had a little session with 'Buddy' during his recent trip to London and he came at me with the geeza's perspective...!” It’s been a big year for Mahalia, who released her debut single “Sober” back in July, which to date has amassed over 2 million streams. This year also saw her grace the Berlin online platform COLOR ’s last month, where her performance of “Sober” accumulated over 250k views in just five days. She subsequently sold - out her first London show and will be back in Leicester for a hometown show on Saturday 17 March. Tickets for Mahalia’s show at Dryden Street Social are on sale now priced at £10 from www.Gigantic.com. The video for “Hold On” can be viewed here.