Don't skip the #skintest: it could save your life

Here at Barrie Stephen Hair, we know it can feel like a hassle to come into the salon 48 hours before your appointment for a skin test. However, this small step is vitally important in protecting your health.

Although rare, allergic reactions to chemicals in hair dye can, and do, happen. We have seen evidence that people are developing new allergies in recent years. Even if you have been dying your hair for years you could still be affected. While some minor reactions just cause irritation, more severe allergic responses can lead to swelling, inflammation and anaphylaxis. In some extreme cases, people have even lost their lives as a result.

The Barrie Stephen Hair Group is committed to putting the safety of our clients first. The danger from hair dye can be completely eliminated by first trialling the product on the skin, 48 hours before the treatment takes place. This is why we have a #ColourResponsible Policy and will not perform a colour service if we have any doubts about the result of your skin test.

We want to challenge the whole industry to take the Colour Responsible Pledge. Every salon in the country should put the peace of mind of their clients first. While the risk of an allergic reaction is small, we want to completely eradicate the threat.

‘We have started a petition on to help raise awareness of the importance of skin tests’ says Barrie Stephen. ‘We want to encourage everyone in our industry to publicly commit to Colour Responsible working. This is not a difficult or expensive change to implement, but it will show that stylists across the country put the welfare of their clients first.’

The expert stylists at Barrie Stephen Hair are thoroughly trained to apply colour products safely and always respecting the manufacturers instructions. We carry a number of the most current advances in colour technologies, including PPD and ammonia-free products. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your stylist for more information.