Reviewed: Inner Beauty 75 minute facial

If it’s a spa-like treatment you’re looking, Inner Beauty will provide. And it’s just down the road in Glenfield. The beautiful salon is located in a residential area behind the home of Jacquie, an expert in just about everything beauty related you can think of.

A magical garden path leads you to a building separate from her home that exudes a heavenly serenity as soon as the door opens. Treatments range from facials to reflexology, and the prices? Well worth it.

We tried of the 75 minute bespoke facial, which is made up of a 60 minute facial and a 15 minute back and shoulder massage, hand and arm, or foot and leg massage. And we have to say the experience is the best we’ve encountered yet. The spa-like atmosphere that Jacquie has created is unrivaled, the knowledge she holds about every one of her products is inspiring, and the time and care she takes getting to know your skin inside out is priceless.

Because her favourite brand, Dermalogica, is now quite widely available online she is extremely competitively priced. She offers discounts between 15 and 20 per cent and anyone is invited for free advice and face mapping (the Dermalogica-conceived art of treating the skin by individual areas instead of a whole).

Jacquie uses skin mapping to treat different areas of the face individually as each part is often affected differently. For example, if someone drives a lot, one side of their face may be more prone to sun damage. Jacquie revealed that the damage may not be visible right away and can surface up to ten years later in the form of pigmentation and wrinkles!

Before the treatment starts, clients are asked to fill in a very in-depth questionnaire that covers everything from date of birth to which make up brands you use.

The Dermalogica Expert is full of secrets about the beauty industry. Personally, I have overly oily skin with enlarged and mostly blocked pores, with the odd dry patch here and there – if it sounds like a nightmare, that’s because it is! Jacquie asked me which makeup brands I was using as some will use talc. Talc is a mineral, but a bad one she says. Brands that sell ‘mineral’ makeup are able to increase their mineral percentage by adding talc. But talc is not good for our skin and majorly blocks pores! Always check the ingredients and if you spot anything relating to talc, avoid!

And so, the treatment starts. With the relaxing sounds of a water feature and gentle music in the background, I lay on the specially designed heated bed with towels over me. Here’s what Jacquie used for my skin type – but she says the Dermalogica range is so vast, that no one product is suitable for any individual.

She used a combination of retail and professional grade products that aren’t available to purchase, so facials are a great way to give the skin a real boost with highly active ingredients.

New customers receive 20% off! Follow the Facebook page for more offers.


Soothing eye makeup remover (retail product) – Oil and alcohol-free, water soluble makeup remover that conditions the delicate skin around the eyes and conditions eyelashes.

Pre-cleanse (retail product) – dissolves oil-based makeup, sebum and environmental pollution. With conditioning ingredients: apricot kernel is a fantastic source of vital fatty acids, Kukui nut is a rich source of vitamins A,C, E. and omega-3, these are just a couple of key ingredients. By removing the oily build up on the surface of the skin it enables the next cleanser to be more efficient and gain more from the ingredients in your second cleanse.

Dermal Clay (retail product) - Contains clays that help absorb excess oils, refines enlarged pores and clears congestion. Menthol, sage leaf and cucumber fruit all help to soothe.

Exfoliation - a combination of Daily Microfoliant (retail product) and super charged it with a professional grade exfoliant. Jacquie provided samples of skin prep scrub which is great for skin with excess oil, and contains corn oatmeal to gently remove dead skin cells.

I then had a massage routine where Jacquie pressed into the skin Medic Complex (non-retail product) which is a highly active medicated product that helps regulate sebum, and clears follicles and congestion.

Three inhalations of Clearing Additive (non-retail product) – containing essential oils that naturally help control excess oils and treats breakouts. Lavender, lemongrass, juniper, rosewood are just a few of the essential oils. She used an oil-free massage oil that is great for breakouts and excess oil production.

The new stress Positive Eye Lift (retail product) – an active masque that cools, great for puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and hyaluronic acid helps give a lifting effect.

Various masques – a mixture of professional only masques. A blend of two on my forehead for dehydration and clearing. One on my chin to sooth redness and nourish dryness. And a plankton masque that contains minerals to balance the sebum and refine pores.

Spritz of a multi active toner (retail product) – helps hydrate the skin and increase its porosity so moisturiser absorbs better and goes further! Love this toner it contains lavender, balm mint, aloe vera and cucumber fruit.

Total eye care (retail product) – contains light defusing ingredients as well as SPF to protect sun damage to the delicate eye area and lactic acid that smooths.

Finally, Oil control lotion (retail product) – a lightweight oil-free moisturiser that hydrates, absorbs excess oil, regulates sebum production, helps eliminate congestion and protect for further breakouts. Salicylic acid helps clear follicles and minimise breakouts, micro sponges absorb excess oils. Zinc Gluconate and caffeine help regulate sebum and control breakout bacteria, horse chestnut, liquorice and Pro-Fit B soothe and regulate sebum.