Outsourcing your difficult exits

Clients often contact Nucleus HR wanting the company to design, implement and support the exit strategy for a problem employee. This was no different with a recent case that Nucleus delivered on behalf of a client.

The brief was clear; to remove the employee, who was a part of the Senior Management Team, as quickly as possible, with the least damage, disruption and cost to the client. This of course didn’t faze the team at Nucleus, it is a brief they are often presented with.

Typically when attempting to manage an under-performing employee with no real gross misconduct to link to, timescales can often be on average 12 months or more. This simply would not work in this case.

Having taken the time to understand the issues with the client, Nucleus presented a range of options for them to determine the way in which they would prefer to proceed. the firm always looks to provide a range of options available to the client, explaining the varying levels of risk. The client chose to outsource the process to Nucleus and on receiving their instruction, they arranged to meet with the troublesome employee.

On this occasion, they took the decision to enter into a “protected conversation” with the employee who had been with the company for four years and earnt £42,000 a year.

A “protected conversation” is not something that should be entered into lightly, however the alternative on this occasion was to performance manage an employee which could take 12 months. Given the salary and impact this manager was having on the business commercially, it made sense to enter into such a dialog with them.

The Manager agreed to enter into the conversation, and gave permission that all references to the conversation would be stricken from any employment related records. Nucleus and their clients often find that these types of conversations are easier to be outsourced, and the objectivity and removal of emotional attachment to the individual or organisation are of benefit when managing the discussion.

The conversation took less than 40 minutes and an “exit package” was agreed. The employee never returned to the business, walked away with a modest amount of money, their views expressed and the client was able to progress their business for the total cost of £8,000, including Nucleus' fees, the employee’s legal fees and the settlement agreement.

The client spent seven months preoccupying his mind on how to address the issue of this problematic employee. From the point of contacting Nucleus to the date of signing the settlement agreement, the matter was concluded within eight days.

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