Reviewed: Inner Beauty’s bespoke massage

You may have experienced true serenity during a massage or two in your time but if you’ve never visited Inner Beauty in Glenfield then, have you really experienced true serenity? We’re confident enough to say that you're yet to experience it. That may sound arrogant as you’re probably thinking back to that stand-out treatment you had one time but we’ve experienced Inner Beauty, and therefore, we believe, inner everything.

Our reviewer visited the salon, behind the home of masseuse Jacquie. It’s based in a residential area so parking is easy and the salon is set aside from the home in the peaceful surroundings sectioned off from her personal garden making way for Inner Beauty and its very own garden just for clients.

It’s all very zen-inspired as you walk down the landscaped footpath to the waiting room where Jacquie greets you. The decor blew us away - or rather it provided a gentle breeze that freed us of any tension we walked in with - and Jacquie’s calming personality had our reviewer swiftly at ease.

Jacquie explained the different forms of massage she provides; that’s everything from Swedish to Aromatherapy. Our reviewer went for Indonesian, warm bamboo and hot stones.

To begin, you’re offered a nutritional selection of nuts and berries, a pot of tea, and iced lemon water. Then, you’re treated to a foot cleanse whilst you discuss which treatments you’d like - we say ‘treated to’ because Jacquie delivers a very dignified, relaxed bathing massage treatment to an area of the body so often neglected.

Afterwards, just a lie down on the heated, specially structured, treatment bed is relaxing enough, Jacquie begins your chosen techniques.

The Indonesian massage pinched pressure points all over the body, which surprisingly to our reviewer, had a hugely positive impact on the backs of the legs; an area which she didn’t realise carried any tension. Jacquie claims this releases toxins, improves blood circulation, and eases symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The warm bamboo massage is a deep tissue massage that is less invasive than that of a Swedish massage. It can aid joint flexibility, and relieved our reviewer’s neck and shoulder pain.

The hot stones were heated to a very high but comfortable temperature, smothered in oil, and massaged around the body. It’s said to balance the mind, body and spirit. This, like the others, is also meant to reduce anxiety and toxins.

The Swedish massage promotes tissue regeneration. Our reviewer explained that although at times the massage was more intense, it delivered a ‘good low level pain’ that has greatly reduced the muscle tension in her back.

Our reviewer was impressed at just how bespoke the Bespoke 60 Minute Massage was. You’re given the choice of two or more methods and the ability to divide the time spent on each one. She has experienced improved sleep and feels more energised in the days after.

Inner Beauty is the only stand-out massage salon for us so far.

New customers receive 20% off any treatment.