Avengers fans Assemble: tickets for just £4.99

You can now see a film at Vue Leicester from just £4.99.

To coincide with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Vue Leicester gave film fans a 21st century big screen experience for a 20th century price.

Customers can now purchase tickets to the best in big screen entertainment for just £4.99–on a par with prices from two decades ago.

Avengers: Infinity War sees the Avengers called upon to defeat the twisted Thanos, who is scheming to alter reality with the Infinity Stones so he can destroy mankind.

Customers will also be able to take advantage of the dramatic price drop in time to see some other exciting May releases, including the hilarious Life of the Party, featuring Melissa McCarthy, the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story and the return of the world’s most unconventional superhero in Deadpool 2.

David Adamson, General Manager of Vue Leicester, commented: “We’re excited to offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy the best in big screen entertainment for just £4.99 a ticket. There’s some fantastic films to see in 2018 and we look forward to welcoming people to enjoy them.”

£4.99 tickets are available to book now.