ASSISTED. Tackles the 14 Peak Challenge

The team at ASSISTED. are no strangers to taking on a challenge for charity and recently embarked on their latest challenge, tackling a mammoth mission to raise money for Heartlands Cystic Fibrosis Centre. They successfully completed the 14 Peak Challenge and climbed to the top of every mountain over 3000 ft in the Snowdonia range in Wales, all within 24 hours.

This wasn’t the first feat the team have taken on for Heartlands Cystic Fibrosis, a charity close to Managing Director Nick Rinylo’s heart. Last year, they completed the 3 Peak Challenge and needless to say, they massively stepped it up this year - physically and psychologically.

The journey totals around 26 miles on foot from peak to peak, and 30 miles once you add in the initial ascent and final descent. All this whilst racing against the clock. The team of three began their journey at 8.33pm on the first night, ascending Mount Snowdon before putting up their tents and setting their alarms for 4am the next morning. The entirety of the next day was spent completing the challenge, which they managed in an impressive 15.45 peak to peak, 18 hours total walking.

“This challenge really tested our mental strength,” says Nick Rinylo, “By the last peak the euphoria of the challenge had worn off and our bodies began to feel the stress of it all. Once we had completed it however, we felt incredible. It was an epic experience and the most challenging adventure to date. We look forward to the next one and raising even more money!”

Over the last two years ASSISTED. has raised £2,189.50 for Heartlands Cystic Fibrosis Centre. There’s still time to contribute to their worthy cause - to donate please visit their Just Giving fundraising page.