HuffPost Relocates Editorial Team to Birmingham

Yes that's right, HuffPost has relocated its offices to Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre.

Before you get too excited, the move is temporary but the online opinion bloggers and news reporters are providing you with the chance to give ’em what for all week long as part of the first instalment of their #HuffPostListens project.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed as the London-based editorial team have set up camp for the week specifically to hear what you care about; from knife crime to mental health, Brexit to bin collection, and everything in between.

The 45-strong team can be found in HuffPost’s new office adjacent to Next where you can drop in to witness the editorial process as it happens live in front of you. The reporters and editors will be going about their business as usual whilst chatting to the public to hear about what they want to see in the news.

The media’s most essential role and responsibility is to listen to the public and report on stories, both negative and positive, that affect all areas of society. That’s why HuffPost has stepped outside of London to experience the Midlands, getting away from their exclusive office, looking up from their laptop screens, putting down their pens, closing their social media apps and listening to what people have to say in person.

The aim of the project is to escape the London media bubble to accurately, humanely and emotionally capture the concerns, hopes and dreams of people in the Midlands. The open newsroom will ask and listen to the public in an effort to portray news that people outside of the capital city care about most.

Outside, in Rotunda Square, a journalist will be taking quotes from people on what they care about most and an illustrator will place it by the side of a drawing of each person. You can see other people’s responses and illustrations around the newsroom.

Drop in Mon-Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 9am-8pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.

If you can’t make it you can always Whatsapp HuffPost to share your story on +44 78968 04043 or email