Rossell Fitness: the best time to lose weight

How do you really know when enough is enough? Luckily for us we got to a point when we knew we wanted to do something about our health and fitness and pushed each other to finally go for it, which is why we ended up at the private Rossell Fitness gym found on the Oadby industrial estate.

But it took a lot to get to this point. What we’ve realised from working with personal trainer Nicola Rossell is that there is a perfect time to start losing weight and taking your health and fitness seriously.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you feeling comfortable in your clothes? Do you have feel you have enough energy to do things you enjoy?

These are the questions that will help you on your way to the results you want to get because a focus on aesthetics and reading the scales can be quite demoralising.

If you’ve answered no to either of those questions then now is the perfect time to begin. If you’re not feeling comfortable in your clothes or you’re not able to fully and enjoyably take part in activities then your answer highlights that now is the time to start thinking of building on your fitness, building your energy and building your confidence most importantly.

Nicola says to focus on the health side of things and let the weight loss side of things take care of itself.

Success in anything in life always comes down to the boring daily consistent habits and patterns that you have created for yourself. These are the things that are going to move you closer day by day, week by week, to your goals.

Nicola knows it’s easy to get swept up by the things you see online but when it comes down to it, the success you achieve in your lifestyle is going to be down to the things that are mundane and the things that make you go ‘really? Is that really all I need to do to get there?!’

Her advice is to try not to get swept away by all the glamour on social media and instead focus on the basic, simple, consistent things you can do every day to move you closer to where you want to be: for your weight loss and your health.